“For me, this work is a direct way of cultivating the intrinsic trust I’ve been seeking. This unified somatic internal consensus among body-mind-spirit that David has been honing is NVC in motion for me. It’s opening up a piece of the empathic field that has been out of my reach… one that includes other people & my body, so I’m not afraid of being afraid. So I can start to be free.” ~Shana Deane, Teacher
“Thanks for such a heart opening workshop! The Somatics and Aikido really resonated with me, and “fleshed out” (pun intended) the NVC “training wheels” I’d been learning. I love that you are into sharing this work. I can think of so many friends who would love your work. I’m excited to practice with my husband Jack, and with friends who are interested.” ~Cynthia Burell
“David is one of those rare teachers who tune in completely to his audience. You feel heard, seen and empowered through his work and that is a great gift. His skill as an Aikido master blends forcefully with his creative program of Somatic Consensus. You leave with a deep awareness of your own embodied habits, and exciting new skills to help you return to center, stay neutral in crisis, and lead with your heart. I can’t recommend him and his workshops highly enough.” ~ Jane Falkner, Therapist, and Coach
Of the many gifts I received through our aikido and embodied NVC instruction and practice over the last few days with David this stand out in neon: a somatic experience of “walking” my intention (and being walked by another), and my first authentic understanding of “empathy” in the most fundamental sense. Three directly experienced glimpses into the possible. ~ Kelly Bannister
“You create a beautiful container. I have a strong feeling that what we did here this weekend will expand itself in the weeks ahead. These are seeds planted in my body that I believe will keep sprouting. ” ~Kirsten Elfandahl, Executive Director of Freedom Project
“I have so much appreciation and gratitude for what you teach, practice and embody.” ~Verena Milenka Maeder
This is a workshop I recommend 1000%. Not only for those learning NVC to move more powerfully from spoken language into body awareness and grounded, caring, authentic expression. It’s also for anyone wishing to delve deeper into understanding self and others, for healing and compassion, using techniques that explore mind-body-and-emotional self-awareness. This workshop can transform the struggles of yourself and others in your life by teaching you how to embody a powerfully authentic and caring self through deep grounding in what truly matters. ~Renee Allison
David/Judith your kindness/humor/generosity/ and self-effacing honesty were beautiful to behold…It was powerful to watch Masculine/Feminine perspective(s) being expressed with all of the true dimensions intact. I appreciated seeing kindness tempered with the eyes of a perspicacious witness. You both demonstrated Flexibility in Strength and kindness measured with the persistent light of Loving inquiry. ~Steven T., Professional Actor
“The workshop was one of the most amazing two days of my life. The way in which you openly share yourself invites out the part of me that had been afraid to come out. Both you and Judith exude bountiful energy of generosity. Your desire to contribute to all that is good about life comes through so beautifully. Thank you.” ~Delores T.
“I am walking away from this workshop with a deepened sense of how to see my part for effective communication. An enlarged heart more capable of openness.” ~Sara T.
“Somatic Consensus is an opportunity to transform how you communicate with yourself and the world. Understanding the importance of love and empathy.” ~Reggie T.
After moving through the shape-shifting exercise I had to pause because the vibration in my body was strong and it was such a beautiful heart-opening experience I needed time before I could return to note-taking  ~Kara Best
“I felt vulnerable and safe which is wonderful. I’ve discovered so much about myself.” ~Brian Hopper, Psychologist
Three epiphanies for me from this workshop: – getting beyond NVC words which can be formulaic to a real experience of empathy. Wonderful! – feeling the importance of “the pause” when allowing empathy to happen – asking the questions “what do I really care about, who is behind, beside and in front of me?” Again getting away from NVC needs lists to having a real relationship to those questions. What matters? ~ Kate Reynolds, School Teacher
“My son and I both were so astounded by your classes. I think it may have been the most useful/interesting and most fun instruction that we will ever encounter. I wanted you to know how pleased we are that we met you and had that opportunity!” ~Lorena & Diego Murray
” I’m so grateful that this simple but powerful practice can help women to come back to their power.” ~Lin D.
Thank you so much for this class. There was so much richness in the material. Thank you for engaging with the class, creating a connection that bridged over the community’s difficulties of online learning. ~Elizabeth Martin-Chan
Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to sit with me in class tonight and make me feel into all that’s underneath my conflict with my sister. Your compassion tonight was very moving and will have me “streaming” for quite some time. Thanks again for sharing your time and energy so freely with our class. It’s been a true honor and blessing to learn from you. ~Sarah Norris
Will you be doing any more courses in the MindBody certificate program? I’ve really enjoyed learning from you and I will be a bit sad if you aren’t teaching in future trimesters. Thanks again for sharing your time and energy so freely with our class. It’s been a true honor and blessing to learn from you. Many thanks and best regards for your future endeavors, ~ Jake Anderson
“I am so happy to say that I am a much less triggered human being since we began in February. I feel calm and confident most of the time and a sense of joy and excitement is filling up the places in my being that used to house anxiety and doubt. I was even able to demonstrate the “I don’t know; I do know” technique in a sacred ceremony that I just participated in. It was awesome to share David’s wise teachings to other conscious lightworkers!!” ~Tiffany Braun, Nutritional Counselor
Thank you so much for putting so much effort into communicating your life's work with us! Also thank you for opening my eyes to a reality of me I had never even consider: That I am a daughter of my Competitive Culture, an even in my more refined role as a Therapist, I still communicate Violently…pffff ! a lifelong project ahead of me now  ~Mariana Guevara, Therapist
“I am grateful for the time we spent together in the Cowichan and I know it has helped to give me a strong foundation to stand on as I enter this new journey as a mentor.” ~Jason Roberts, school teacher
“After the great depth of my work with you in May along with a strong suggestion that I rest after such deep work, I am feeling pretty strong and positive, studying the guck I let go of thanks to you and my newfound lightness of being.” ~Mia
“This is a great resource, I absolutely love the practice and the meaning behind each and every step.” ~Laura Altamira Urdaibay
“I am grateful for the knowledge and generosity you shared years ago which helped to positively shape my life today and hope to continue learning from you as soon as possible.” ~Laura P.
Thank you David and Judith for your vulnerability, honesty and your integrated dance in sharing somatic, Aikido and NVC. I am finding your videos and book supportive in continuing the practices for enriching my daily life. ~Julianne Booth
“I want to tell you that hardly a day goes by when I don’t put my feet squarely on the ground and center myself in the way you taught us, it has been a great help to me. I want to encourage you to keep up the important work that you do (not that you need my encouragement).” ~Marcus Lang
“Thank you so much for such an inspirational and life-altering workshop. I have never experienced such peace, belonging and connection. The workshop and the group were amazing! I am grateful for your teaching and also for your and Judith’s ‘presence’. It has had a very positive impact on me, my family and my friendships. I also have a sense of excitement that the workshop’s effects are by no means over.” ~Julia Boles- Duncan, BC
“Thank you very much for the opportunity to discover NVC with David Weinstock. This is truly a beautiful way of being with oneself and others. I feel very grateful.” ~Patrycja Radecka
“David – I think you bring great expertise, experience, and energy to the group. I love how you mix-up stories, explanations, practical physical practice, demonstrations, and group work. I think that your passion for this work is infectious and creates great energy. I also love the sense of safety and openness that you created with the group.” ~Angela Walkley, Life Coach and NVC certified trainer
“David puts the meat on the bones of NVC.” ~Ken B. Ph.D. and NVC Student
“I got(in the workshop) that it is more about the practice, feeling NVC distinctions in the body–that’s where the integration occurs!” ~Kiki Elfandahl
“David created and held a space that enabled honesty, authenticity, learning, and realization. What I enjoyed most was (is) the feeling of love that I’m left with and the gift of self-awareness that I’ve been supported in realizing.” ~Emily C. NVC teacher
“NVC is a whole practice like Aikido (Marshall “Art” Rosenberg) is a life practice, and we need to learn how to bring into being what we really love. And these (NVC & Aikido) are beautiful ways to change the default settings.” ~Nora R. Lawyer
“A great way to have hope for the most heated and wounded relationship.” ~Bill Wright
“I got a lot out of it. Thank you for all of this wonderful stuff. I am doing some of the practices daily, and have felt my 3 y.o. feeling much safer in the world. Very touched by what you shared with us, and with me personally. This is really a brilliant and needed addition to NVC. I am envisioning a DVD set, a workbook perhaps, and a HUGE audience for your work among experienced NVCers who are needing this embodied approach, as well as people new to NVC who can get it much more quickly”. ~Karen Andrews, Artist and Therapist
“Go try it. I benefited.” Needs met: Learning more about how to use the body to connect empathically. I love the role-beings and I enjoyed the way you led them without pushing, I love to trust that participants know best. We, as trainers, can suggest, but pushing is more about our need to feel effective…. it contributed to interdependence, which I wish we had more opportunities to practice in our society” –Eliane Geren NVC trainer and nutritionist
“With David, I feel seen and heard and experience a greater level of understanding of human beings, not just myself. Somatic Consensus is a unique and special way of being in the world! These practices assist me in following my dreams and contributing to my community and beyond while staying in alignment with my values.” ~Hanakyle Morantz, Yoga Teacher and Therapist
“Thank you for your generous teaching last weekend. The embodied NVC and TB combination was one the most powerful things I have done lately. It helped move me along to greater wholeness and aliveness. It also figured in neatly with dreams and other inner work I’ve been attending to.” ~Cindy Thelen, Spiritual Care Giver
This work helps me find another access to my inner challenges, freeing up stuck energies. I learned practices and viewpoints to develop further to improve myself. A wonderful experience! ~Mike Peiman
I appreciate David’s spacious attention, gentle and adaptive(yet deep) instruction, constant awareness of gratitude and accessibility of improvement(attitude of positive capable action) ~Melissa Rasmussen

I really like the way that you teach the styles of communication, deflect aggression and change the energy. Aikido applied to communication. I use it at work all the time. Cheers ~Miguel Barrera

“The opportunity to connect and the tools to communicate more love. an amazing opportunity to connect and learn about better ways to communicate.” ~ Nadine Casanova Shaw

“It changed my life and gave me great tools to love myself and those around me with a pure connection. Overall it helped m find more support and willingness to be a better person.” ~Vincent Bowman

“The workshop was a great affirmation for me to honor process. The medium was the message and it resonated deeply in my heart.” ~James Shaw

“Very connected and able to hold space even through difficult times. I felt seen and the opportunity to be seen”

“Amazing trainers. Very connected and able to hold space even through difficult times. I felt seen”. ~Jim Richards

“It taught me to be attentive of our rich inner landscape as well as learn tools available for achieving our deepest connect to others and self.” ~Mena Z.

“It was an answer to a prayer in terms of authenticity, engaging my family and myself. It was truly healing and a platform for ongoing self-realization. You both are so beautiful.” ~Willow Dejesus

“The community, the setting, the transparency of all, the chance to practice! It is a great way to have hope about the more heated and wounded relationships.” ~Kathy Buys, Psychologist