The feeling is so subtle that I can’t be sure, but I have the feeling that changes are already happening inside/through my body and my being as a whole. Like it is more aligned and that the whole body is engaging in decision making processes, a better equilibrium between the rational mind, the feelings and the instinct… “ ~Anna Perrenoud
“The session is very meaningful and exciting for me. Gives me a sense of integration & deepening for what we’ve done together so far + provides me a possibility for a multi-dimensional practice. Thank you ” ~Ronny Weinberger
"I couldn’t recommend this subtly powerful journey into ourselves more highly. I am still discovering so many riches from it daily. Thanks always to David and our beautiful group." ~Elisabeth Moore
"This course will put you in touch with another world within yourself and others." ~Miranda Bushey
" It´s great to drop in everyday during a month to a group of people who have similar interest in learning. I experienced several ways to integrate NVC with body and those techniques are easy and powerful." ~Deva Vega
"This group has been a lifeline for me in this time! I have found such deep value in practicing empathy and cultivating the qualities that I would like more of in my life. I feel so held by the group and David. " ~Georgia Shine
"NVC is not the same before and after this course - It shifted such an important inner-work of centering and finding deeper balance within the everyday life." ~Shachar Dagan
"I continue to thank you for your teachings and the love in which you hold us all! These eves are extraordinary, and I am grateful." ~Max Wald
"David opened up a conversation between my head and my body, and helped me realize that my head has been shutting out my feelings my whole life. Thank you so much for your time, care and attention over the past 30 days!" ~Max Robinson
"As your course was alongside an NVC course I was running I couldn't help but include your practices in them. I’ve heard from my participants how powerful “Wind” practice was for them, and it was easy to share with their friends and acquaintances. I am amazed by the ripple effect of just a few second movements you shared. I experience slow and gentle body relief accompanied with power to seek differently what my body tried to get for me." ~Olga Belogrivtseva
"I have felt with the whole group - a turning towards each other. A welcoming. Inclusion. The power of it. With you so preciously leading us by example. I am forever grateful." ~Liz R.
"You're a master at creating connection, you make zooming feel intimate. I cannot exaggerate how much it feeds me to be in your presence -- every eve! Thank you for all you give, for being so courageous (as in so present), and for your generosity in sharing freely what you hold dear." ~Judy Friesem
"I really can't thank you enough for the opportunity to enjoy this course. Brings so much light to my spirit every day and fills my system with such powerful and effective tools. My heart is full with so much gratitude and appreciation."
"I just want to say I feel so blessed to be part of this group of caring and compassionate people. Even when watching recorded sessions I feel like I'm there with you, because the connection is so strong. Thanks for sharing your journeys and vulnerabilities. I learn so much everyday from each one of you. "️ ~Max Robinson
"I find it interesting to be part of something that is online and where I can experience those dimensions of empathy and connection that goes beyond time and space." ~Elisabelth Svanholmer
"Thank you so much, David! I'm very grateful for these practices as they are life changing for me! Hope to take another course with you someday!" ~Leen Heusdens
"I so much loved Davids way off working. It's all so simple, no big theory But so much depth. I really recommend this course!!! " ~Groeten Leen
"A great way to re-connect with my body and create the habit of listening to it." ~Adrián Prada
"When I get to listen to the messages that my body and my heart are speaking out to me, I open to new dimensions of myself…" ~Brent D.
"Deep thanks to all for being in this journey together and to David for the wonderful keys and presence you are sharing with us to accompany us towards ourselves... " ~Andre Simons
"We are all so blessed to learn and grow together. I also watch the recordings every day and benefit so much from each." ~Michelle T
"In these practices, I felt light and open in such a short time, yet powerful...and each time it works amazingly. more open, expanded, loving. such a simple technique, yet so deep. Thank you so much David, and you all.-- " ~Participant
"Here is a way to practice embodying the living energy of needs and having practiced regularly over the 30 days I have been able to use this tool that resources me in my daily life. The daily meeting has been a huge support for integrating the helpful tools into my daily life. The sessions are very meaningful and exciting for me. Gives me a sense of integration & deepening + provides me a possibility for a multi-dimensional practice." ~Melinda Knudsen
"A very program to learn some very helpful communication and somatic practices to connect more effectively and deeply yourself and other people. Thank you David for sharing everything and guiding and supporting us over the past 30 days." ~Michael Weiner