Praise for David and Judith Weinstock’s Training

Praise for David and Judith Weinstock’s Training

“In you two I saw genuine human beings with real problems. That we’re all in this together. Needs met– sharing, connection, authenticity.” –Bonella Beusekom

The passion and commitment that Judith and David have for their work helped me to consider new ways of being. –Ann Perry

The dynamic authenticity and authority of these 2 longtime practitioners—the mastery—gave me clear practices to do regularly overtime to support my training! David and Judith embody the medicine- the material is clear, powerful, fresh and deep NVC. ~Isa Maria Artist, NVC trainer

If you want to have more insight into understanding authentic, clear communication and get in touch with your core values—check this out. –Carrie Raurmann

This embodied orientation makes what can be a confusing mental process (NVC) into a simpler body-centered practice. I appreciated David and Judith’s humanness. They are a dynamic couple. It created a lot of permission in the field to be on our own learning edge and not to have do it all perfectly coming out of the gate. –Elana Eyta

Gave me an easy way to connect the truth my body knows to situations I deal with in life. Loved integrating the somatic with NVC principles. This husband and wife co-facilitating some beautiful differences, introduced new life practices which I commit to. –Suzanne Habayashi

I became more confident offering myself more fully and radiantly to the group and to the partners in practicing these skillfully designed methods. I enjoyed the freedom and creativity transmitted by Judith and David’s honesty, truth sharing, authenticity, vulnerability and loving support, playing within. –Alan Sternik

I came in craving intimacy and connection with myself so that I can move through my life and relations/ clarity and commitment, and this has given me that. Given me tools to accomplish my purpose. Learned how to show up for yourself, for others to live a rich life. –Sonya L

The authenticity of both leaders, the practice that supports NVC. I feel more connected to my body’s wisdom and see how deepening a body sense will serve me in so many ways. I love the trainers extensive experience and commitment to learning and the reminder that it takes PRACTICE to deepen and embody what we want to become. –Maria Maitine

How elegant the flow of the workshop went. Connecting NVC with the body so specifically, the awareness is amazing, the strategies make it possible for a day to day basic practice. Thanks so much for this workshop it was just what I was ready for and what I was asking for. –Pamela Schrack

This I realized the Saturday after the training when talking to my youngest sister. During the whole conversation, I was aware of changes in my emotions without being overtaken by them. I could go from turmoil, impatience, etc. back to peace and quietness. And from being grounded again and feeling quiet, I could really listen, really hear what my sister was saying. The need to give my story or opinion disappeared and instead, I continued to ask questions. Also, being quiet changed what further questions I asked and how I asked them. We definitely got one level deeper in our conversation, to better understanding our selves and the other, great! –Ans Smulder

The energy David and Judith brought to space felt safe, loving and supportive. An incredible workshop where we talk about how we hold feelings and pain in different ways in our bodies; how to hold each other as divine beings. They inspire me more than I can say. –Leo Bodstock

David and Judith are very good at situational analysis and the implementation of appropriate strategies. They embodied and taught seeing other people functioning fully as themselves in fullness as whole beings. –David Yeazel

Powerful inner work that provides new resources for healthy relationships. –Evan Lenz

Valuable, beautiful, fun, great connection. So glad my husband and I decided to come!! –Lisa Lenz

I loved it! The circle of support was amazing. David’s way of presenting-leadership and at the same time a fellow traveler, Judith-such an example of support that we have at our “backs”. –Mary Ann Jacobs

David and Judith are two of the most beautiful humans I’ve had the privilege to meet. I enjoyed most being a part of this small community we formed over a few weekends. It helped me learn about myself and my identity, which I’d been struggling with. This is a workshop in dealing with un-ideal emotions and feelings in a healthy provocative way, and how to stay grounded through it. ~Ruby Harrison–Clay

What a gift the weekend training was with you – so enriching and heartfelt, honest and pure. This is a generous sharing of your resources, thank you. I can’t wait to incorporate the Shape Shifting 5 Elements and Hollow Bone practice in a short retreat I’m leading on Friday. ~Meeray Ghaly -Counselor

David and Judith’s offering helped me learn to see things without conflict and better yet, get inspired by life and all that I can be. –Emily Johnston




What people say from Australia...


This workshop left me with a feeling of hope and unity. I feel more united with world, people, nature because they enabled me to connect with my true self

I was impressed with how quickly we reached deep issues of the heart. This very clearing and freeing for people.

David and Judith’s willingness to be vulnerable made the workshop much more effective.

Practicality and sweet visceral effectiveness.

I loved the authenticity and beauty of Judith and David’s relationships and in the way they modeled and shaped their wisdom, truth and learning.

Fun, funny, loving, meaningful and growth provoking. IT is absolutely what I needed. Filled with gratitude and desire to practice!

A journey into finding my deepest authenticity in empathic connection to both other and myself.

A radical vulnerability that opens the possibility of authentic connection beyond strategies.

I loved becoming relaxed into empathy without having to speak the perfect words. Thank you, that is a relief.

Inspiring to connect to the felt sense of NVC and to a felt sense of power flowing through the embodiment of my needs.

Easy and doable with a transformative impact.

Touched bye the vulnerable transparency of David and Judith.

The valuable techniques have already become a resource.

David and Judith’s truth in living, resenting and relationship in NVC-dispels illusions of doing it perfectly and offers a way of understanding it by experience and accessing a cellular understanding of it.

Incredibly powerful. NVC and Aikido seems to be a magic combination. A lot of trust and safety here, sharing their vulnerability in relations, and being real.

Love the interplay, and the energy of openness, invitation and allowing. Loved the synergy of David and Judith.

The authenticity was great, David’s fun and engaging leadership and Judith’s sincerity care and strength….

David and Judith’s “lightness of touch” plumbing the depths of relationship territory. Loved learning in the context of a couple prepared to be visibly vulnerable in their ongoing evolution.

An interactive learning space. Gently unlocked aspects of self and ways to work with empathy.

I really enjoyed the physicality of the processes. They allowed me a felt sense of some elemental needs.

I love the fun, the connection with my own body wisdom as well as the connections with the beautiful souls in our community.

I valued David and Judith teaching together, their honesty and vulnerability in sharing processes and questions and challenges.

I loved the different perspectives that were enabled.

A way to tune into and allow the body to support us in connection with what is alive in us and others to transform any relationship. Loved the synergy of David and Judith. Honest, authentic, integrity, tender and fun.