The foundation of deep practice begins with looking inward to:

  • Come back, time and time again, to rediscover what we love about the paths that we are choosing.
  • Notice and work with the anxiety held in old embodied reactions and strategies that we have historically practiced in our lives.
  • Choose enlivening practices that support what we deeply care about now and who we wish to become.
  • Through deliberate, committed practice over time, cultivate resources for connecting more capably, easily, and enjoyably.


Simple yet deep practices for developing Nonviolent Communication as a lifelong art and discipline for cultivating deeply connective relationships.



Increase your capacity to listen empathically and speak your truth authentically with power and compassion.


Attuning to the signals of our bodies and the present, direct and immediate experience of the life we are living is where we come face to face with the history we’ve embodied, our deeper selves, our greatest gifts for creating a more  compassionate, equitable world.


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”"I couldn’t recommend this subtly powerful journey into ourselves more highly. I am still discovering so many riches from it daily. Thanks always to David and our beautiful group."


~Elizabeth Moore


"Deep thanks to all for being in this journey together and to David for the wonderful keys and presence you are sharing with us to accompany us towards ourselves... "


  ~Andrej Simons

"David is a master at creating connection, you make zooming feel intimate. I cannot exaggerate how much it feeds me to be in your presence -- every eve! Thank you for all you give, for being so courageous (as in so present), and for your generosity in sharing freely what you hold dear."


~Judy Friesem